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When should I get a massage?

Anytime you may be experiencing body aches or pains that don't go away after a few days, may be muscular and usually will go away with one session if done early on. Muscles aches that have been around for awhile may take a few appointments.

  I just finished physical therapy and am still experiencing pain, should I get a massage?

Yes, It can help your body adjust to the lack of the regular physical therapy and ease the pain.

 Can pregnant women receive massage therapy?

After the first trimester of pregnancy, women will benefit from massage.  It can relieve the body aches and soothe the mind while restoring energy and circulation.

 What are your hours?

Diane works by appointment only, Monday through Saturday, day and evenings are available.

 How do I pay or will insurance cover my massage appointments?

Balanced Bodies does not accept medical insurance but will supply treatment and invoice information if needed. Checks or cash are accepted.

 How can I purchase a gift certificate?

Just call 203-877-3091 and Diane will make arrangements with you!

 I never had a massage before what can I expect?

At you first appointment you will fill out a simple medical questionnaire. This will give the massage therapist an indication of your health, exercise and daily habits. You also discuss the reasons for getting the massage such as reducing your stress, body aches, muscular pains or just to relax!

 Do I have to undress for a massage?

Massage generally is done on the skin with oil.  It is at your discretion and comfort level as to what you remove.  The body is covered by a sheet unless the area is being massaged. Most people will leave on their undergarments.

 What kind of oil do you use?

Balanced Bodies uses Natural jojoba oil that is pesticide free. The natural scent of jojoba is virtually undetectable and therefore scents can be added if you prefer. Most of the oil is absorbed by the skin and you are not greasy or sticky. There is no excess oil on your body after the appointment and your clothes will not be stained.

 I am not comfortable removing my clothes or being touched, but I am in pain. Can I still get a massage?

You do not have to undress to receive treatment. Alternative techniques like Healing Touch and Cranial-Sacral Therapy can be used to treat your pain within your comfort zone.

 I have had massage before and it hurt, is that normal?

No one should be in more pain during a massage. An experienced Massage Therapist will be able to work within your pain to relax the body. There are times when trigger point therapy or deep tissue massage will be uncomfortable but again within your limits.

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